Over 400 people were arrested while protesting at the 2000 Republican National Convention (RNC) in Philadelphia, PA. This website provides information on their legal situation and the issues they are protesting.


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New Jersey
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Providence, RI
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R2K Legal: Civil Suits | Friends of Camilo | Lawyers | Legal FAQ | Legal Forms | Legal Updates | Press Releases | Legal Statistics

Legal FAQ

Please note: This is a now outdated list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) written by R2K defendants along with answers supplied to the best knowledge of those who prepared this FAQ. Obligatory disclaimer: We are not lawyers, and thus cannot give out legal advice. For all legal questions you need to contact a lawyer. The following information was collected from various sources and we cannot be held liable for it. We urge defendants to contact their lawyer with any questions.

[editor's note: this information was compiled by the a1 NY-area working group, and was current as of 9/27/00.]

Section I. Who, What, Where

1. Who is R2K Legal?
2. Who are the lawyers involved?
3. How do I get my own lawyer?
4. How do I contact R2K Legal and the Public Defender?
5. Where are the R2K Legal Office, the Public Defender's Office, and the Court House?
6. Where can I find more information about our cases and about solidarity?

Section II: Political and Legal Situation

1. How many defendants are there?
2. Will the cases be treated individually, as a group, or in clusters?
3. What are groups doing to support the Philly defendants?
4. What has happened at the hearings so far?
5. When and where are the upcoming hearings and meetings for defendants?

Section III. Status Hearings

1. What will happen at the status hearings?
2. What should I wear? How should I act?
3. What is a plea offer?
4. How much time do I have to decide whether to accept a plea offer?
5. If I reject the plea offer, will I be offered one again?
6. What if I plead guilty to a crime that I did not commit?
7. What is "Accelerated Rehabilitative Disposition" (ARD)?
8. Can they drop my case without my consent?
9. What happens if I plead "Not Guilty"?
10. What if I am a Jane/John Doe?
11. Who will represent me at the hearing?
12. Can I represent myself?
13. How do my actions at the status hearing affect other misdemeanor defendants?
14. How do my actions at the status hearing affect felony defendants?
15. Do I have the right to make a statement at my status hearing?

Section IV. Long-term Legal Defense Situation

1. What is court solidarity?
2. What will happen if I go to trial?
3. Who will defend me?
4. Where can I find evidence, such as videotapes and pictures, to support my case?
5. What should I do if I have videotapes of incidents in Philly?
6. What should I do about finding witnesses for my case?
7. What should I say to the media about my case?
8. What is the extent of the attorney/client privilege?
9. What is the time limit for the commencement of the trial (right to a speedy trial)?
10. If I lose at my bench trial, will I have to be in jail during the jury trial?
11. How can my case affect the racist criminal injustice system, the prison system, and the death penalty?

Section v. Details of Criminal Cases
1. Will I win my case if I go to trial?
2. What does the state have to prove to find me guilty?
3. What are my defenses?
4. What if the state has wrong information about me (e.g., location, identity)?
5. If I was arrested at the puppet space, how does my legal situation differ from other defendants?

Notice: All information is subject to change, it's your responsibility to confirm with R2K Legal.
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 About Us 

Who are we? The R2K Network. Why are we protesting? Here's some background.

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Please help support our Legal Fund for Camille and the Timoney 3 cases. To make a donation, contact: info@r2klegal.org


Letters of support:
Activist Organizations
APWU Union
First Unitarian Church of Philadelphia
Members of Congress
National Association for Socially Responsible Organizations

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R2K Mobilization Links:
Ad Hoc Committee to Defend Health Care
August 1st Direct Action Coalition
Kensington Welfare Rights Union
NJ Unity2000
Philly Direct Action Group
Refuse & Resist
Silent March

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